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    Doosan Diesel Generator Models

    Aypower Doosan diesel generators are known for their robust construction and high performance. They have a wide range of applications from industrial plants to commercial enterprises. Doosan is a leader in the generator industry, offering reliable and high-performance engines. These engines are ideal for many applications where there is a need to provide uninterrupted power. Doosan’s generator engines offer important features such as low fuel consumption, low emissions and reliability. Moreover, the different models available in a wide power range are designed to fulfil various generator needs. These engines are a popular choice for industrial and commercial users looking for reliable and effective solutions in power generation.

    50 Hz

    Generator sets Standby Power kVA Prime Power kVA Engine Brand Engine Model Alternator Brand Alternator Model Datasheet
    AYD55 55 50 DOOSAN SP344CA Maranello M55
    AYD66 66 60 DOOSAN SP344CB Maranello M66
    AYD88 88 80 DOOSAN SP344CC Maranello M90
    AYD185 185 168,00 DOOSAN P086TI-I Maranello M200
    AYD225 225 200 DOOSAN P086TI Maranello M250
    AYD250 250 225,00 DOOSAN DP086LA Maranello M250
    AYD300 300 275 DOOSAN P126TI Maranello M330
    AYD330 330 300 DOOSAN P126TI-II Maranello M330
    AYD410 410 372,00 DOOSAN DP126LB Maranello M440
    AYD440 440 400 DOOSAN P158LE Maranello M440
    AYD490 490,00 450,00 DOOSAN P158LE Maranello M500
    AYD510 510 463,00 DOOSAN DP158LC Maranello M550
    AYD580 580 525 DOOSAN DP180LD Maranello M650
    AYD630 630,00 572,00 DOOSAN DP180LA Maranello M650
    AYD710 710 650,00 DOOSAN DP180LB Maranello M730
    AYD750 750,00 680,00 DOOSAN DP222LB Maranello M730
    AYD825 825 750 DOOSAN DP222LC Maranello M825
    AYD900 900 820,00 DOOSAN DP222CB Maranello M900
    AYD1000 1000 900 DOOSAN DP222CC Maranello M1000
    Generator sets Standby Power kVA Prime Power kVA Engine Brand Engine Model Alternator Brand Alternator Model Datasheet
    AYD55-LS 55 50 DOOSAN SP344CA Leroy Somer TAL042-G
    AYD66-LS 66 60 DOOSAN SP344CB Leroy Somer TAL042-H
    AYD88-LS 88 80 DOOSAN SP344CC Leroy Somer TAL044-B
    AYD185-LS 185 168,00 DOOSAN P086TI-I Leroy Somer TAL044-L
    AYD225-LS 225 200 DOOSAN P086TI Leroy Somer TAL046-C
    AYD250-LS 250 225,00 DOOSAN DP086LA Leroy Somer TAL046-C
    AYD300-LS 300 275 DOOSAN P126TI Leroy Somer TAL046-F
    AYD330-LS 330 300 DOOSAN P126TI-II Leroy Somer TAL046-F
    AYD410-LS 410 372,00 DOOSAN DP126LB Leroy Somer TAL0473-A
    AYD440-LS 440 400 DOOSAN P158LE Leroy Somer TAL0473-A
    AYD490-LS 490,00 450,00 DOOSAN P158LE Leroy Somer TAL0473-B
    AYD510-LS 510 463,00 DOOSAN DP158LC Leroy Somer TAL0473-C
    AYD580-LS 580 525 DOOSAN DP180LD Leroy Somer TAL0473-D
    AYD630-LS 630,00 572,00 DOOSAN DP180LA Leroy Somer TAL0473-E
    AYD710-LS 710 650,00 DOOSAN DP180LB Leroy Somer TAL0473-F
    AYD750-LS 750,00 680,00 DOOSAN DP222LB Leroy Somer TAL049-B
    AYD825-LS 825 750 DOOSAN DP222LC Leroy Somer TAL049-C
    AYD900-LS 900 820,00 DOOSAN DP222CB Leroy Somer TAL049-C
    AYD1000-LS 1000 900 DOOSAN DP222CC Leroy Somer TAL049-D