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    YangDong Diesel Generator Models

    Yangdong Engine is an engine manufacturer based in China and specialises in diesel engines. Yangdong supplies engines to various industries such as agricultural equipment, construction machinery, generators and marine applications. Yangdong’s diesel generator engines are integrated with generators used to generate electrical power.

    50 Hz

    MODEL STANDBY kVA PRIME kVA Engine Brand Engine Model Alternator Brand Alternator Model Datasheet
    AYY11 11 10 YANGDONG YD380D Maranello M13
    AYY12 12 11 YANGDONG YD385D Maranello M13
    AYY15 15 14 YANGDONG YD480D Maranello M15
    AYY20 20 17 YANGDONG YND485D Maranello M22
    AYY25 25 22 YANGDONG YSD490D Maranello M25
    AYY28 28 25 YANGDONG Y490D Maranello M30
    AYY30 30 27 YANGDONG Y495D Maranello M30
    AYY33 33 30 YANGDONG Y4100D Maranello M33
    AYY40 40 35 YANGDONG Y4102D Maranello M40
    AYY44 44 40 YANGDONG Y4105D Maranello M44
    AYY50 50 45 YANGDONG Y4110D Maranello M50
    AYY55 55 50 YANGDONG Y4102ZLD Maranello M55
    AYY66 66 58 YANGDONG Y4105ZLD Maranello M66
    AYY75 75 68 YANGDONG YD4EZLD Maranello M80
    AYY100 100 87 YANGDONG Y4110ZLDA Maranello M110
    AYY110 110 100 YANGDONG Y4GZLD Maranello M110
    Model Standby kVA Prime kVA Motor Marka Motor Model Altarnatör Marka Altarnatör Model Datasheet
    AYF22-LS 22 20 FPT IVECO R24NA Leroy Somer TAL040-F
    AYF33-LS 33 30 FPT IVECO R24 Leroy Somer TAL042-C
    AYF44-LS 44 40 FPT IVECO R24 Leroy Somer TAL042-E
    AYF55-LS 55 50 FPT IVECO NEF45AM2 Leroy Somer TAL042-G
    AYF66-LS 66 60 FPT IVECO NEF45SM1A Leroy Somer TAL042-H
    AYF82-LS 82 74 FPT IVECO NEF45SM2A-5 Leroy Somer TAL044-B
    AYF88-LS 88 80 FPT IVECO NEF45SM3 Leroy Somer TAL044-B
    AYF94-LS 94 85 FPT IVECO NEF45TM1A Leroy Somer TAL044-C
    AYF110-LS 110 100 FPT IVECO NEF45TM2A Leroy Somer TAL044-D
    AYF132-LS 132 120 FPT IVECO NEF45TM3 Leroy Somer TAL044-E
    AYF140-LS 140 125 FPT IVECO NEF67SM1 Leroy Somer TAL044-H
    AYF150-LS 150 135 FPT IVECO NEF67TM2A Leroy Somer TAL044-H
    AYF185-LS 185 165 FPT IVECO NEF67TM3A Leroy Somer  TAL044-L
    AYF200-LS 200 180 FPT IVECO NEF67TM4 Leroy Somer  TAL044-L
    AYF220-LS 220 200 FPT IVECO NEF67TM7 Leroy Somer TAL044-M
    AYF275-LS 275 250 FPT IVECO NEF67TE8W Leroy Somer TAL046-D
    AYF330-LS 330 300 FPT IVECO C87TE4 Leroy Somer TAL046-F
    AYF385-LS 385 350 FPT IVECO C13TE2A Leroy Somer TAL046-H
    AYF440-LS 440 400 FPT IVECO C13TE3A Leroy Somer TAL047-A
    AYF500-LS 500 450 FPT IVECO CR13TE6W Leroy Somer TAL047-B
    AYF550-LS 550 500 FPT IVECO CURSOR13TE7W Leroy Somer TAL047-C
    AYF660-LS 660 600 FPT IVECO CR16TE1W Leroy Somer TAL047-E