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    Ricardo Diesel Generator Models

    Ricardo is a company founded in the UK in 1915 and specialises in engine technology. Ricardo’s generator engines are highly efficient and reliable engines, typically designed for industrial and commercial applications.

    Ricardo’s generator engines are generally available in various power levels, so they can adapt to different application needs. They can also offer low-emission models that comply with environmental regulations.

    Ricardo’s generator engines can be used in a wide range of applications, from industrial plants to ship power systems. They are known for their reliability and performance, and generally have long life and low maintenance requirements.

    50 Hz

    MODEL STANDBY kVA PRIME kVA Engine Brand Engine Model Alternator Brand Alternator Model Datasheet
    AYR25 25 22 RICARDO R490 Maranello M25
    AYR33 33 30 RICARDO R490ZD Maranello M33
    AYR40 40 36 RICARDO R4100D Maranello M40
    AYR50 50 45 RICARDO R4100ZD Maranello M50
    AYR55 55 50 RICARDO R4105D Maranello M55
    AYR75 75 68 RICARDO R4105ZD Maranello M75
    AYR90 90 81 RICARDO R4105IZLD Maranello M90
    AYR110 110 100 RICARDO R6105AZLD Maranello M110
    AYR125 125 113 RICARDO R6105AZLD Maranello M130
    AYR150 150 136 RICARDO R6105AZLD Maranello M150
    AYR175 175 160 RICARDO R6105IZLD Maranello M175
    AYR220 220 200 RICARDO R6113AZLD Maranello M220
    AYR306 306 275 RICARDO 6D10D258A Maranello M330
    AYR330 330 300 RICARDO 6D10D258A Maranello M330
    AYR400 400 350 RICARDO 6D12D320A Maranello M400